Unidrive M Remote LCD Keypad

Unidrive M Remote LCD Keypad

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Control Techniques Unidrive M Remote LCD Keypad compatible with the Commander C200 & C300, Unidrive M200/201, M300, M600 & M700.

The remote keypad is intended for panel door mounting.

Note: To use with the Commander C200/C300, M200/M201 or M300, the AI-485 serial communications option module must be used.

Note: The Remote LCD keypad is not supplied with a cable to connect between the Unidrive M and remote keypad.  The lead required is not a standard straight through RJ45 Ethernet cable.  The remote keypad may not operate correctly with a standard lead.  Please select the appropriate lead length from the drop down boxes on the product page.


Compat with C200 & C300, M200/M201, M300, M600, M700
Model No 82500000000001
Weight 0.5000