Forced Ventilation Kits for AC motors - FVK225 Frame

Forced Ventilation Kits for AC motors - 225 Frame

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We stock a wide range of force ventilation kits for our range of electric motors from 63 frame right up to 355 frame. Or if you require a force ventilation kit for a motor you may already have, we have one to suit. There is a growing need with variable speed drive applications for motors with improved cooling when operating at low speeds. Closed loop AC inverters will provide 100% motor torque at zero speed. The simplest way to achieve this is to provide a second, small, constant speed induction motor to drive the cooling fan.The use of force ventilated or separately blown motors is not new, but the advent of static frequency inverters brings new life to the concept. It is essential to use a system of force ventilation to give the required cooling across the body of the motor. Insufficient cooling will result in: Loss of output power, Nuisance trips, Premature failures.

Option A - 400V Three Phase fan motor.

Option B - 400V Three Phase fan motor & fitted to motor purchased.

Frame Size 225 Frame
Weight 12.000000