Fairford PFE-06, 9Amp, 4kW

Fairford PFE-06, 9Amp, 4kW three-phase motor soft starter

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The PFE soft start is designed for trip class 5 (light industrial) applications. It can be used on trip class 10 (medium industrial) applications if it is over sized by one or two kW ratings (i.e. 11kW - PFE for a 7.5kW - motor). The PFE should not be used on heavy industrial applications.

Please note: Undersizing the PFE to the application can potentially cause damage to the PFE.

Link to Fairford Electronics website: http://www.fairfordsoftstart.com/product/pfe/

Optional cooling fan increases number of starts per hour.

A external motor thermal overload device is required for the PFE soft starters.

The PFE has an internal bypass relay so no external bypass relay required.

A +24VDC power supply is required for the PFE control circuitry.

The DRA18-24 (APSU005) is a suitable power supply.  This can be used for up to 3 x PFE softstarts.

DRA18-24: 100 - 240VAC single phase input, 24VDC 18W output.

If a +24VDC power supply with a 400V 3 phase input is required, the WRA120-24 (APSU007) is a suitable power supply.

WRA120-24: 400 - 500VAC 3 phase input, 24VDC 120W output.

The Enable & Start/Stop control logic is 24VDC.

Input Voltage 415V
Output Voltage As Input
Input Phases 3
Output Phases 3
Power kW 4
Encl Rating IP20
Output Current 9Amps
Width 45mm
Height 140mm
Depth 120mm
Weight 1.000000
Frame Size 1
Input Freq 50-60Hz
Output Freq 50-60Hz
Max Temp 40DegC
Digital Inputs 2
Digital Outputs N/A
Analogue I/Ps N/A
Analogue O/Ps N/A
Output relay(s) 1
Model No PFE-06
Approvals UL,CE