Fairford PFE-08, 12Amp, 5.5kW

Fairford PFE-08, 12Amp, 5.5kW three-phase motor soft starter

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The PFE soft start is designed for trip class 5 (light industrial) applications. It can be used on trip class 10 (medium industrial) applications if it is over sized by one or two kW ratings (i.e. 11kW - PFE for a 7.5kW - motor). The PFE should not be used on heavy industrial applications.

Please note: Undersizing the PFE to the application can potentially cause damage to the PFE.

Link to Fairford Electronics website: http://www.fairfordsoftstart.com/product/pfe/

Optional cooling fan increases number of starts per hour.

An external motor thermal overload device is required for the PFE soft starters.

The PFE has an internal bypass relay so no external bypass relay required.

A +24VDC power supply is required for the PFE control circuitry.

The DRA18-24 (APSU005) is a suitable power supply.  This can be used for up to 3 x PFE softstarts.

DRA18-24: 100 - 240VAC single phase input, 24VDC 18W output.

If a +24VDC power supply with a 400V 3 phase input is required, the WRA120-24 (APSU007) is a suitable power supply.

WRA120-24: 400 - 500VAC 3 phase input, 24VDC 120W output.

The Enable & Start/Stop control logic is 24VDC.

Input Voltage 415V
Output Voltage As Input
Input Phases 3
Output Phases 3
Power kW 5.5
Encl Rating IP20
Output Current 12Amps
Width 45mm
Height 140mm
Depth 120mm
Weight 1.000000
Frame Size 1
Input Freq 50-60Hz
Output Freq 50-60Hz
Max Temp 40DegC
Digital Inputs 2
Digital Outputs N/A
Analogue I/Ps N/A
Analogue O/Ps N/A
Output relay(s) 1
Model No PFE-08
Approvals UL,CE