0.12kW MRD12 48.12:1 B3

0.12kW MRD12 Varvel motor gearbox combination

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Varvel MRD12 coupled to a 0.12kW, 4 pole, B14 TECA motor. B5 output flange optional, see accessories. Here is a link to the Varvel website: http://www.varvel.com


*Please note that motor supplied with the gearbox is 3 phase 415V TECA motor. Please call for information on having a single phase motor fitted.


Power kW 0.12kW
Ratio 48.12 :1
Output Speed 28rpm
Output Torque 39Nm
Service Factor 1.8
Shaft Diameter 20mm
Frame Size 1
Weight 8.300000
Model No MRD12 48.12:1