15kW 400V 3 Phase Enclosed Inverter

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15kW, 400V Three Phase Input, 400V Three Phase Output Enclosed Inverter Drive.

800mm x 600mm x 300mm Powder coated steel enclosure contains the following:

  • Door Interlocked Isolator
  • MCB Protection (Power and Control)
  • Fuse Protection (Control)
  • 3 Phase 15kW Imoticon Inverter
  • 110V Transformer
  • Green Healthy Lamp
  • Green Running Lamp
  • Green Start Pushbutton
  • Red Stop Pushbutton
  • IP Rated Speed Potentiometer
  • Fwd/Rev Switch
  • Inverter Disable Pushbutton
  • Fan and Filter
  • Thermostat
  • Tri rated cable
  • Terminals for Motor Connections
  • Terminals for Remote Start / Stop
  • Drawings Supplied
  • IP 54 rating

Supply required: 415VAC + E

Availability – Generally a stocked item but please contact us for availability

When start button is pressed (providing the inverter disable button is not pressed), the inverter will start and ramp up to the speed set by the speed potentiometer.
When stop button is pressed, the inverter will ramp to a stop.
Potentiometer controls the inverter output speed.
Fwd/Rev Switch controls the direction of the motor. Forward is clockwise and reverse is anti-clockwise.
Inverter Disable Button disables the output of the drive, and the motor will coast to a stop. (This is not an Emergency Stop button and should not be used for safety isolation.)
Healthy lamp will be illuminated when the HIB inverter is in the healthy state (not tripped).
Running lamp will be illuminated when the HIB inverter is running (inverter output enabled).

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Standard model generally kept in stock.

Please call ahead for lead times regarding options and modifications (such as fan and vent covers in panel sides, removal of fwd/rev switch, etc)

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Power kW 15kW
Height 800mm
Encl Rating IP54
Power HP 20HP
Input Voltage 400VAC +/-10%
Width 600mm
Material Steel
Onboard EMC Filter Class C3
Input Current 31 Amps
Depth 300mm
Model Number HIB1500EN400V
Overload 200%
Motor Current 32 Amps
Weight 50.500000
Inverter Type ID70040T01500
MCB Break Capacity 10kA