15kW Open Chassis Star Delta Starter

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15kW Open Chassis Star Delta Starter

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The MCW 15kW Open Chassis Star-Delta Starter is manufactured from three contactors, a timer, and a thermal overload relay (Trip Class 10).

Trip class by application Trip Class by Application Chart

SDS Trip Class

The MCW star delta starters are fitted with a Trip Class 10 thermal overload relay as standard which is suitable for the majority of light to medium industrial type load applications. As an option the star delta starters can be converted to trip class 20 (medium to heavy industrial loads) at time of purchase. This may involve a larger contactor unit and a trip class 20 thermal overload. The trip class 20, OC SDS will come supplied with the motor thermal overload separate to the contactor arrangement and housed in a standalone mounting base.

The MCW star delta starter range is not suitable for applications that have a very heavy load on start that takes greater than 20s to start or very high inertia loads such as high inertia fans, centrifuges or loaded crushers.

Trip Class Explained

At 600% of the maximum current rating of the motor the Trip Class 10 unit will trip in 10 seconds or less, Trip Class 20 will trip in 20 seconds or less, and Trip Class 30 will trip in 30 seconds or less. 



  • Fully wired and assembled
  • Adjustable delay timer
  • Adjustablethermal overload relay (Trip Class 10)
  • Ready for cabinet mount


 See images for dimensions of both trip class 10 and trip class 20. Size below is for trip class 10.

Model Number SDS15OC400V
Power kW 15
Trip Class 10
Input Voltage 400VAC +/-10%
Coil Voltage 400VAC +/-10%
MCB Break Capacity N/A
Encl Rating IP00
Overload 17-25A
Material N/A
Motor Current 29-43A
Depth 195mm
Length 185mm
Width 280mm
Weight 5.000000