55kW Enclosed Soft Start

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This product is powered up by a 400V 3 phase, neutral and earth supply. If the characteristics of your supply differ please select your supply in the drop down box above.

Enclosed Schneider soft starter with built in motor thermal overload protection in a powder coated steel enclosure with Start, stop and reset pushbuttons, a twist to release E-stop button, 3phase short circuit protection device, contactor and mains isolator.

18.5kW-22kW or fitted with MCB's for motor protection.
30kW-75kw are fitted with fuses for motor protection.

This product is built with Schneider switchgear.



  • IP65 Steel enclosure
  • Interlocked mains isolator
  • Contactor
  • Schneider Soft Start with thermal overload protection
  • Control MCB
  • Stop/start and reset pushbuttons.
  • Twist to release stop button
  • Customer terminals
  • Tri rated cable.


Enclosed Soft Start Trip Class

The MCW Enclosed 0.75kW to 15kW softstarters are fitted with a Trip Class 10 motor breaker as standard which is suitable for the majority of light to medium industrial type load applications. The soft start can be converted to trip class 20 on request (medium to heavy industrial loads) please speak to a member of our team. This involves supplying a larger soft start unit, a trip class 20 thermal overload and a larger MCB/MCCB. Please note on some models the enclosure size may increase.

 Trip Class by Application Chart

The MCW Enclosed Soft Starter range are not suitable for applications that have a very heavy load on start that takes greater than 20s to start or very high inertia loads such as high inertia fans, centrifuges or loaded crushers. Please speak to a member of our team where we can discuss your application.

Starting the MCW Enclosed Soft Starters more than once every 10 minutes will alter the thermal overload tripping characteristics making the overload trip more quickly for a given thermal overload current setting.

Trip Class Explained

At 600% of the maximum current rating of the motor the Trip Class 10 unit will trip in 10 seconds or less, Trip Class 20 will trip in 20 seconds or less, and Trip Class 30 will trip in 30 seconds or less. 

Model Number SIB55EN400V
Power kW 55
Power HP 75
Soft Starter ATS22C11Q
Trip Class 10
Input Voltage 400VAC +/-10%
Motor Current 110A max
Overload -
MCB Break Capacity 10kA
Encl Rating IP65
Material Steel
Depth 300mm
Length 800mm
Width 600mm
Weight 27.000000