CNW114/180 180A, 3 phase EMC filter

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EMC filters reduce the transfer of electromagnetic noise between the drive and mains power supply. All Imoticon ID700 are fitted as standard with an internal EMC filter and for most industrial applications, this will be sufficient. (The internal EMC filter can be disconnected by removing a screw within the drive).

In the event that a higher level of filtering is desired or required, the external EMC filter can be added to either a drive which already has the internal EMC filter, or a drive without EMC filter. Best performance is achieved by using a filtered drive and the appropriate external EMC filter.


Input Voltage 415V
Output Voltage 415V
Input Phases 3
Output Phases 3
Current 180Amps
Typ Grd Leak <220mA
Height 510mm
Depth 115mm
Width 180mm
IP Rating IP20
Model No CNW114/180