Fairford Synergy SGY-309-04-02, 500Amp, 280kW - Service Ex

Fairford Synergy SGY-309-4-02, 500Amp, 280kW (Compatible with Motortronics VMX-SGY-309-4-01)

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Fairford Synergy SGY-309-4-02, 500A, 280kW IP20 Soft start. (Compatible with Motortronics VMX-SGY-309-4-01)

The Synergy soft start is designed for trip class 10 (medium industrial) applications.  If the Synergy is to be used on heavy industrial applications (trip class 20) it may need to be over sized by one kW ratings (i.e. 15kW - DFE for a 11kW - motor).

Trip class 10 as standard.  Rating is application dependant.

Can be connected in-line or in-delta connection.

Control logic power: 110VAC

Motor thermistor PTC input.

The Synergy provides motor overload protection.

Built in bypass contactor.

This is a service exchange product, new unused, this product carries a 1 month warranty from date of purchase.

Input Voltage 415V
Output Voltage As Input
Input Phases 3
Output Phases 3
Power kW 280
Encl Rating IP00
Output Current 500Amps (IEC rating)
Width 205mm
Height 490mm
Depth 310mm
Weight 18.000000
Frame Size 3
Input Freq 50-60Hz
Output Freq 50-60Hz
Max Temp 50DegC
Digital Inputs 3
Digital Outputs 0
Analogue I/Ps 1
Analogue O/Ps 1
Output relay(s) 4
Model No SGY-309-4-01
Approvals CE, UL