Imoticon ID700-20D00400 4kW Inverter

Imoticon, ID700-20D00400, 4kW, ID700, Imoticon inverter, AC inverter drive, 230V single or 3 phase input, 230V three phase output.

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£390.12 £325.10

Imoticon ID700-20D00400 Inverter drive. 230V single or three phase input, 230V three phase output. Cost effective, easy to use inverter. Has just 20 default parameters to make simple and easy to use, but there are several more if you would like it to be more advanced.

Here is a link to the Imoticon website:

NOTE:  An inverter drive cannot be used as a 3 phase power supply for a machine.  It is used to control the speed of a 3 phase motor.

Power kW 4
Power HP 5.5
Input Voltage 200-240V
Output Voltage 0 to input V
Input Phases 1 or 3
Output Phases 3
Output Current 17.6Amps
Input Current 1ph-32 Amps
Encl Rating IP20
Width 163.1mm
Height 300mm
Depth 176.8mm
Frame Size C
Overload 150%
Duty Heavy
Dynamic Braking Yes
Weight 4.700000
Control Type V/f and Open loop vector
Input Freq 48 - 62Hz
Output Freq 0-300Hz
Max Temp 40 Deg C
Digital Inputs 7
Digital Outputs 2
Analogue I/Ps 2
Analogue O/Ps 1
Output relay(s) 2
Serial Comms Modbus RTU
Approvals CE