NCNW903/6 Input Choke, 3 Phase, 6 Amp, IP00

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Input chokes can be used to reduce the supply line harmonic currents and voltage distortion generated by almost all inverter drives on the market today. They also provide enhanced protection against transient voltages ('spikes') or other mains borne interference.

Input chokes are recommended for use in installations:

  • where the local mains supply quality may be poor or unknown
  • where high current switching loads such as large DC drives or soft starts are operating
  • where the mains supply impedance is low
  • in remote areas prone to lightening strikes
Width 56mm
Height 95mm
Depth 107mm
Current 6Amps
Input Phases 3
Weight 1.300000
IP Rating IP00
Model No NCNW903/6
Compatible with <6A 3 phase input AC inverters