Worm Reduction Gearbox TCNDK110

Worm Reduction Gearbox TCNDK110

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*Motor Frame Mount Options

TEC Motors, worm reduction gearbox.

Option A-132 B5 Frame, Flange Mount.

Option B-100/112 B14 Frame, Face Mount.

Option C-90 B5 Frame, Flange Mount.

Option D-80 B14 Frame, Face Mount.

High efficiency and safe operation. High load capacity and overload functions. Output Torque = (Power (kW) x 9550 (Constant))/ Gearbox output speed (rpm).


Please ensure when using this gearbox with a motor, that the service factor is adequate for your application and that the gearbox will fit (mate with) your particular motor.



Weight 35.000000
Output Bore Dia 42mm
Model No TCNDK110