DC Injection Brake Unit, Solbrake 10

Solbrake 10, Electronic Motor Brake module, DC Injection Brake Unit. Replacement for the Allen West Easy Brake BMD7

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Solbrake 10 Electronic Motor Brake (DC Injection Brake) Unit.

The Solbrake - Solid State Motor Brake provides fast, smooth, frictionless braking of three-phase squirrel-cage motors by injecting controlled DC current to the motor windings, after Mains contactor opened. This induces a stationary magnetic field, which exerts a braking torque on the rotor. Stopping time can be similar to the time it takes to reach full speed on a Direct-On-Line starting. Replacement for the Allen West Easy Brake.

The Solbrake can be used to help ensure your machine meets the HSE PUWER regulations PUWER regulations

NOTE: The Solbrake 10 internal control relays are 240VAC max. rated

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Power kW 5.5
Power HP 7.5
Input Voltage 415V
Input Phases 2
Output Phases 3
Output Current 10 Amps
Encl Rating IP20
Adj Brake Time 2 - 10 Secs
Width 90mm
Height 75mm
Depth 105mm
Frame Size SB0
Weight 1.000000
Input Freq 50/60Hz
Max Temp 50 Deg C
Approvals CE